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:bulletblue: Tales of News :bulletblue:

What's going on with the Tales world? Apparently, lots of stuff. =) We'll try to update this every so often when we hear of something.

:bulletred: = update
:bulletgreen: = archive

:bulletred: Vote for your favourite Tales series character of all time on Namco's Tales-channel!… The site had previously hosted one of these "popularity contests". See the previous results here.

:bulletred: Finally, ten years later, Tales of Phantasia, the game that began it all, is getting a North American release on the GBA. The expected release date in NA is March 6, 2006, and in Europe March 31, 2006.

Sources…… (I must apologize to waterlilly if she sees this, for jacking the links from her journal. t_t )

:bulletred: Two North American trailers have been released for Tales of Legendia, featuring voice clips of the chracters' English voices.…

:bulletred: New character profiles were updated (a while ago) for Tales of the Abyss on Tales Channel.…

:bulletgreen: Celebrate! It's the Tales of 10th anniversary! Ten years and still going strong. It's as great an excuse as ever to go draw some fanart, hm? ;[

:bulletgreen: A Tales game has been announced for the Nintendo DS. Whether it is a remake or a new game, no details have been released. However, through observation of the portable Tales games patterns, it will probably be the former. Which game will be remade can only be speculated at this point.


:bulletgreen: Tales of Eternia Online is now undergoing exclusive beta testing in Japan. This MMORPG is based on the Tales of Eternia game (was once known as Tales of Destiny II) for Playstation. The console version of the game made it to North America, but it doesn't seem likely that its future online relative will.


:bulletgreen: Fans of the Tales of Phantasia Anime will be disappointed to here that the final installment of the OVA has been delayed ONCE AGAIN. The fourth episode will be released in Japan on December 22, 2005 instead of the previously scheduled September release, which itself was already a delayed date. Well, add another item to your Christmas List.


:bulletblue: Have any Tales-related news to share? Either send a note to the club (subject: News) or post a comment on the journal with your info and all sources outlined.


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Mutenroushi Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2006
One fanart of Symphonia!

Thank you!
Link2005 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2006
omg! can I be a member!?
Manga-Otaku Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Heeey, made a Wallpaper-thingy of Symphonia.

Take a look!

Manga-Otaku Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Oh my goodness~!!!!!

Tales of the Abyss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[link] !!!!!

Character design done by Fujishima Kosuke himself!!!
CCann Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is there a deadline for the dev Id contest thinggy???so that I will know when to submit it.
peachifruit Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2005
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LinkLonewolf Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2005
Nice to see a Tales fanclub around, great saga :D
Nefla Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
How do we submit to the id contest? Just post a link?
TheWaiFencer Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2005
I dig you guys. :D
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